Friday, February 15, 2008

Tour of the CHA booth!

The great folks from Nth Degree and Creative Express stopped by the booth and posted all of the raw footage online here:

Technique Tuesday Booth at CHA

I think Eileen did a great job with the tour! Thanks to Creative Express for stopping by!


erin said...

Eileen- you are too funny!! I especially loved the "don't eat your stamps" comment. Great to see the new stamps and the amazing LOs up close! Oh, how I would love to be on the TT DT!

Anonymous said...

Such SUPER Footage....that is one of the best impromptu presentations I've ever had the pleasure of watching! Now hoping CX gets all the yummy TECHnique Tuesday line ordered! Eileen You made me want so many of those awesome products! Thank you! AnnaD :)