Sunday, February 3, 2008

Organizing your Clear Stamps!

One of the most popular questions I get is: "How do you store your clear stamps?"

I put that question out to the whole team and almost ever
yone had a different way of storing their stamps at home - but for on the road we all use the Technique Tuesday Portfolio.

If you have a small collection of stamps it is perfect for keeping the stamps away from light and dust and all in one place.

If you have a larger collection of stamps, the portfolio is great for choosing only the stamps you want to use at a crop at the lss or at a friends house.

The outside zipper pocket is perfect for carrying inks, small stamps, blocks, cleaner and scrubber.

For home storage - the options are endless! The most popular seems to be large three ring binders. Every large set of Technique Tuesday Stamps comes on a clear sheet imprinted with the image and three hole punched.

Sharyn's solution is to store each set alph
abetically in big three ring binders.

Heather also uses three ring binder
s for home storage but organizes a little differently. She says, "I store them by release date. I have binders that I have labeled with what show they came from. It’s how I remember things.I also use clear CD cases to store some of my frequently used stamps. That way, I can have them stored right up next to my work space."
Sharyns small stamp storage solution is a wire box to keep her ink, small stamps and blocks together and organized!

So really - it all depends on how you remember best!

Our warehouse manager Traci has a completely different
storage solution for her stamps. Traci likes to take just what she needs when cropping away from home in her Portfolio, but when she crops at home she likes to have it all within reach! She used the Clip it Up system, with large stamps on the bottom and small stamps on the top.
The most important part of storing your clear stamps is using a system that woks best for you! Don't store them so well that you can't find them or so tucked away that you forget you have them! :)


Debby said...

I was wanting an excuse to buy another Clip it Up. LOL I have the TT notebook, but it's time for another one or do just what these ladies are doing and storing them at home and using the notebook for crops. Thanks of all the ideas.

Debby said...

I saw something about this earlier. One of my beloved LSS has a TT class once a month. I've requested we just have a TT club and the class is part of it. We're getting there. But the classes are fabulous. We get a set of stamps, a full package of tiles. and paper and embellishments. Our TT rep teaches the class and represents you well ... Stacy, SC. We have another in March with the new stuff. Yeah!!

Anonymous said...

I have added the Cropper Hopper organizer pages, (med works but I'd like to get the large) to organize my small TT stamp sets in my TT binder. The organizer pages hold several sets, each in it's own ziplock type, heavy duty, bag.

debby - I'm so envious, sounds like you gals are having a blast.

St. Louis