Monday, February 4, 2008

Big Timber Meadow

One of the most popular pages that we have posted from this release has definitely been "Dandelion Dreams."

To make the "Dandelions" Eileen first inked the Scallop Tiles with "Sunlight" yellow ink from the Earth Essentials Ink set. She started at the outside edges and dragged the ink pad lightly in towards the center of the tile, keeping the edges a vivid yellow, with lighter yellow towards the center.

She then wrapped the tile in yellow yarn, attaching the edges at the back of the tile, and adhering a small section of ribbon for the "leaves."

For the title Eileen stole her sons colored pencils to color in the letters. If, like me, you don't have a child to steal colored pencils from, you can stamp the letters first in different colors with Big Timber Letters Tall - and then stamp over the top in brown or black with the Big Timber Meadow Letter stamps.

Eileen used the Big Timber Meadow Capital Letter "B" as a Monogram on this adorable Valentines Day card. She stamped the letters m, i,n,e from Main Street Lower Letters Large on 2" squares and mounted them on a 4 1/2" square of light blue cardstock. She then stamped the "B" on white paper, and, again stealing from her son, colored in the flowers with red crayon. She mounted the "B" to the center of the card using popdots. To finish the card, she inked one of the frames from the Technique Tiles FUNdamental Swanky Frames and mounted it on the card.

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