Monday, June 9, 2008

Last Minute Father's Day Project Ideas

We took a blogging hiatus but we're back - just in time to post some Father's Day projects. These Father's Day gift ideas are inexpensive. You can customize these projects to match the interests of the lucky man who will be receiving the gift. And if you want a project to do with a child, these gift ideas are easy to make.

To make this project you will need a photograph, a picture frame, a photo mat, a set of word stamps (in this case Big Mouth) and 2 or 3 inkpads.

To help you figure out how best to position the stamps on the photo mat, place several clean clear stamps along one edge. For example, for this project, Eileen (the freakishly Creative Director at Technique Tuesday) placed the "Simply the Best", "Dad", "Ever", and "You are Incredible" stamps along one edge to determine the stamps' positions. Once you've figured out a stamping plan, you can either mark the stamp positions using a pencil or just remember the stamp positions relative to the edge of the photo mat. You may also want to start by stamping on the back of the frame to make sure everything will really fit.

One of these picture frames will make a great gift for your husband, dad, grandfathers, uncles, a stepfather, or even big brothers. If you have children, each child can create their own picture frame. Or let each family member stamp one or two sides and sign their name next to their artwork. No matter how you do this project, the man who receives it will cherish this gift forever.

To see a bigger picture of this project or to see the products used to make the Happy Father's Day Picture Frame, click here.

When Eileen went looking for a cube of sticky notes, she couldn't find any. Instead she bought a package of eight thinner stick notes and stacked them together to make a cube.

Start by removing the slick backing sheet on all but one of the pads. Then stick them together to make your own cube. You can use your ribbon (or masking tape) to provide extra stability. Lay the cube on its side so you can stamp straight down onto it and then flip it over to stamp the other open side. Move your ribbon (or masking tape) to expose the two un-stamped sides and finish stamping.

Eileen used the Grid Iron and Big Mouth stamp sets to make this sticky note stack. If you'd like to see a bigger picture of this project, click here.

Here are some other stamp sets that that you might want to use to make a gift to match the interests of a man in your life:
· construction or woodworker
· world traveler
· soccer fan
· Vegas enthusiast
· military man
· rocket scientist
· farmer
· sports car lover, pilot, or heavy equipment operator
· zoo keeper
· or simply a man who is loved.

Dad's going to love it! Who else can you make one for?

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